Chemical companies represent dramatic differences in their composition when the formulas are in fact not all that different and some manufacturers even use the same blending or manufacturing plants to produce the end products. Let’s face it: soap has been around for a long time, and the chemical composition is not as complicated as you might think. What is most important is confirming you have the right product PH balance soaps and waxes for your specific site, region, water type, revenue goals and customer expectations.

Iron Fox’s Chemical Team provides custom Chemical Recommendations per location (even with larger chains) only after it has first done a thorough analysis of the equipment type, applicators used, water quality, revenue goals and customer expectations. This information, by the way, is given to our prospective customers for free as we are more concerned about making long-term. See our post on why it’s important to be long-term greedy.

After sites are up and running, Iron Fox monitors chemical usage, providing easy-to-use cost per car analysis software that puts operators in charge of future decisions. We also provide training programs for all entrepreneurs and their staff, as we know its important for simple repairs to be handled in-house as opposed to calling a service technician for routine maintenance.

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