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All manufacturers claim superiority. As distributor partners, we break the mold by explaining the true differences between brands, helping to guide equipment selection based on what is right for the project not what is most profitable for our short-term gain. 

The truth is that almost all equipment works but its ultimate usefulness for the project depends on how it is used (or compensate for it), who it is used by and how often it needs to be fixed or replaced. Ultimately, the use of the equipment and its impact on the customer experience will shape the site’s unique product offering.

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This is often the first piece of equipment that most customers will notice entering the wash, therefore it is obviously an important one. Brushes need to be able to clean the car effectively without damaging the paint of said car. We know how to get this done. 

Flex Wraps provide cleaning on all sides of the vehicle. If installed and maintained properly they can be the most effective aspect of a tunnel car wash. 

While the “show” aspect of a tunnel wash is for the customer, the arch soak equipment disperses important chemicals onto the car. Finding the right combination of chemicals, and dispersion is key in this area. 

Not every wash will elect to use an entry mirror or “entry eyes”, however many do opt to provide their customers will some help entering the wash. If your business does not have an associate directing customers into the tunnel, this becomes an essential piece of the overall operation. 

Without guide rails, a tunnel wash could lead to damage or injury. Obviously preventing a customers vehicle from veering off track is an important element of your business, however it is also important to choose the right setup. The goal here is not just to keep the vehicle on track, but also not damaging wheels in the process. 

Possibly the most underrated service offered by any car wash, cleaning the part of a vehicle many customers never even see can go a long way in helping that investment hold up. Maintaining a balance between proper chemical and water distribution is a key, however it needs to be powerful enough to thoroughly clean the underbody of every type of vechicle.   

This is another way to add some “show” for your customers with colors, lights, etc. More than that, it is an important step in making sure that your customers leave the wash without spots and streaks. 

Another potential “show” option for the tunnel, adding an arch to distribute a wax or ceramic coating can be a big boost to your overall revenue. This products are often $10 or less when sold to the customer, meaning that many are going to choose this option if the process is proven to protect their car. 

Once the car wash process is complete, the vehicle needs to be dried by a powerful drying system. This is a delicate balance between not providing enough power to get the job done, while also not causing any exterior damage to the windshield, etc. 

Every wash needs to have a point of sale system that works effectively, and in many cases, one that is able to handle the elements of weather. We can determine the right system for your wash setup and make sure that it lasts despite potentially being used hundreds of times per day. 

Fancy equipment and chemical set ups steal the show, but without a strong water system none of those will matter. Proper setup, balance, and recycling all need to be taken into account. 

The small equipment is just as necessary for many tunnel wash systems that offer interior options, or a towel dry before the customer leaves the property. We can find your business the proper towels, uniforms, sprays, fragrances, and much more. If it is used in a car wash, we can provide it to you!

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