Chemical companies represent dramatic differences in their composition when the formulas are in fact not all that different and some manufacturers even use the same blending or manufacturing plants to produce the end products. Let’s face it: soap has been around for a long time, and the chemical composition is not as complicated as you might think. What is most important is confirming you have the right product PH balance soaps and waxes for your specific site, region, water type, revenue goals and customer expectations.


All manufacturers claim superiority. As distributor partners, we break the mold by explaining the true differences between brands, helping to guide equipment selection based on what is right for the project not what is most profitable for our short-term gain. The truth is that almost all equipment works but its ultimate usefulness for the project depends on how it is used (or compensate for it), who it is used by and how often it needs to be fixed or replaced. Ultimately, the use of the equipment and its impact on the customer experience will shape the site’s unique product offering.


Iron Fox’s expert car wash equipment technicians use the latest technology to install and maintain your carwash. Our staff is located throughout our territory to provide quick and efficient service so you can continue to wash cars as soon as possible. We have extensive operational experience, and recognize the long-term value of an operator’s ability to self- diagnose, repair and replace independent of his service technicians, which is why we offer regular preventative maintenance contracts, along with hands-on training programs for operators and their staff. When you join the Iron Fox family, we do our best to align all interest in an effort to minimize downtime.


Our Tunnel car wash management service is ideal for Individual Owners, Family Businesses, Asset Managers and Entrepreneurs.  We manage all facets of the Car Wash and provide quarterly reporting and compliance documents.  Our management fee structure is easy to understand and enact.  Iron Fox Management “A Simple Superb Solution”.

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