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Save Water and Money with Carwash Reclaim Water Systems

Water is a necessity for any carwash business, but more and more, it’s becoming an expensive commodity. To mitigate these costs, a smart alternative is a reclaim water system. This process has become the norm for most carwash facilities as a means to operate more efficiently. Technology has now made the process even more efficient. By adopting a modern approach to water usage, carwashes can save money and resources.

How Reclaim Water Systems Work

A water recycling system is standalone but works with other equipment. The system works by drawing water from the carwash settling tanks and processing it on demand back to the equipment for reuse. To reuse the water, it must be treated to kill bacteria and remove the odor. The cleaner the reuse water is, the better for every step involved in car washing. Aeration is a process used to provide oxygen to the bacteria, treating and stabilizing it. The oxygen allows the bacteria to break down the organic matter containing carbon to then create carbon dioxide and water. Aeration is one way to control odor and remove car wash chemicals.

Another tactic used is introducing bacteria to the system. Bacteria can be formulated to remove oils and greases in the reclaim water and quicken biodegradable chemical breakdown. Ozone is another treatment solution. It’s much more powerful than even chlorine or other oxidizers.

The reclaim water process has become essential to a profitable carwash because water and sewage costs continue to rise, especially in drought-prone areas. It’s typically one of the largest costs to an operator. If you aren’t using a reclaim water system, you will see that the cost to wash the same number of vehicles has increased when compared to the previous year.

The key to a successful reclaim water system that also delivers a clean car is using the reclaimed water integrated into the workflow and then rinsing with fresh water. The “new” water that must be obtained is therefore significantly less.

Recycling Water Reduces Costs and Dependence on the Municipality

Since water and sewage costs are controlled by the municipality, there’s no room to negotiate. Instead, a recycling system is the best way to lower this cost.

The closer you come to being self-sustainable with your water, the less you have to depend on the municipality. The municipality may already be under strain, especially in growing urban areas, due to new development.

Additionally, some areas have such extreme drought that a carwash may be on restriction for how much new water it can use. A reclaim water system can be vital to keeping your business open. With a water recycling system, your business won’t be disrupted, so you don’t lose sales.

As you can see, the importance of an effective reclaim water system is critical to operations and the bottom line for carwash operators. When it comes to knowledge of the carwash industry, you can count on Iron Fox to deliver the solutions you need. Our expertise can help you navigate all the intricacies of the industry, including experience with installing and serving multiple equipment brands. We can also help you best determine places for your individual wash to use reclaim water.

Learn more about our expertise and how we can help elevate your carwash operations today.

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